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We have competitive, fair pricing, without sacrificing quality!

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Our quotation process

Your order is important to us. Therefore we 'measure twice & cut once' to get it right. We don't sacrifice quality at any step in the process, so we'll make sure you know exactly what your item will cost. Completely.

We've run across others in the garment industry that try to trick clients with low-ball pricing up front, but make their profit on modifications, alterations, and adding crystals, stones and other accessories. We feel this is not only unethical practice, but just plain unfair to the customer and we don't do this. As a result, our customers come back to us. Over and over again. They know exactly what they are going to be charged, and there are no hidden surprises.

How do we do this? We don't take on a project unless we know exactly what is required and that the client is committed to the costume at the time of order. Although we'd all love to be able to change our minds once we see things, a custom costume doesn't provide the luxury of this, since once we start cutting fabric, we can't really 'un-cut' it. Consequently we spend as much time as we can before any cutting is done with the client. We work on fabric selection and design to be a solution to the client's requirements - rather than a poorly thought out, amateur attempt at a costume.

Our pricing is fair for everyone. With the ever increasing costs of fabrics, shipping, etc. we know its challenging. But we understand that budgets are tight, so we do everything possible to keep costs under control. This is particularly true when working with dance schools and businesses. We know that they have the best interests of their clients in mind, so we help them succeed by partnering with them to solve the needs of the performance. As a result, Huzhu has worked with dance schools worldwide and has many long-standing relationships with award winning schools and choreographers.

There is no charge to ask us questions, get a quote, discuss your project needs, etc. So don't hesitate. We'd love to talk to you about your goals and help you achieve them.

We believe you will appreciate this in your projects, so give Huzhu a shot at your next project. You won't regret it.

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