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Ordering Info and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This information should help you understand the process as we craft your unique design

We've put together the following information based on common questions we get about ordering from If you have any other questions, just CONTACT US

We want your ordering experience to be wonderfully simple for you.  But since we do custom orders, we are not a store so the same procedures that you are probably used to with retail shopping don't apply here unfortunately.  Take a read of the information below, and this should answer most of your questions.  If you need more information, don't forget to contact us for more information before you order.

Custom Sewing Orders

Your order is made only for you. That's wonderful because its unique.  However it also means that once we accept your order, there are some things that we just can't change.

We also understand that most dance costumes are ordered for a performance which has a fixed date/time.  You need to be aware that it takes time to create beautiful art and you need to contact us well ahead of your performance dates to ensure that not only can we do our best for your dancer, but that there is adequate time for fittings, adjustments, crystaling, etc. to make it look awesome.  This can normally mean we need orders 2-4 weeks ahead of time at a minimum.  We sometimes do rush orders, but there are additional rush charges associated that can make your order very expensive if you don't plan this out correctly.

We can't take back custom sewing orders under any circumstances, so you need to be a bit more diligent about style, sizes, fabric choices, etc. Don't worry - we'll work with you to help you out. Its really all about communications, and we're here to help you succeed where we can.

Our ordering process is pretty simple, but these terms & conditions are strict. Please review them in detail before placing your order, so you know the process.

  • All orders placed are custom built to your specification. This means that you cannot change your specification to an order once we start to make it. Once the scissors come out, it will be produced EXACTLY to your specifications, so be absolutely sure of what you are ordering before signing off on the order.
  • We procure fabric for an order (we don't keep a lot of fabric on hand simply because we prefer to have the greatest freedom of choice in fabric colors, styles and types per order and don't want to artificially limit your choices to what we have in stock). If you have fabric already, we'll certainly try to work wih it. But please keep in mind that our criterion for fabric selection is strict, and it is this way to ensure the greatest qualty end result.
  • We ask for a 50% deposit to an order up front if the order value exceeds $75.00. We cannot order fabric or begin construction of your order until this deposit has been received in full. Failure to pay the deposit in a timely manner will affect your delivery timeline.
  • All orders are FINAL. There are no returns or exchanges. Since these are custom made products to your requirements, they cannot be resold or reused and consequently we have to be strict with this rule.
  • If you are local to us (we are in Scottsdale, Arizona) we will be able to offer you first and final fittings of your costumes. However we don't come to you for this service. If we did, we'd have to include a large cost of gas and time to do this, which will raise prices for everyone. So in order to keep things economical, we ask that you come to us for fittings. There may be exceptions (particularly if Sandy is going to be at your dance studio for some reason). But we do ask that you respect her and your time by being prompt to any fitting appointment. If we have to make any special trips due to 'no shows' at appointments, there will be additional charges for this.
  • Failure to respond in a timely manner to questions, designs, fitting appointments, etc. WILL affect your order delivery timeline. Since the deadline is typically the event that the costume will be worn at, you should be diligent about this as it is in your interest to be. You may not realize it, but a delay in answering a simple question early in the order could affect the end delivery date because often we have to procure fabric from interstate or international suppliers based on the type of order.

We cannot deliver a final product to you until it is paid in full - even if you have an event scheduled to use it in. Please understand this with your order process.

  • Orders that are delivered after an event, when there is no fault of Huzhu in regards to the delivery delay, will still be completely payable in full by the client.
  • Studios - in order for us to keep pricing economical, we asked that you appoint one person to act as the key contact person at your studio, and that you will need to collect payments from your clients for orders. We cannot accept a single order for a dance troupe's costumes from one studio and be expected to collect payments from dozens of clients.
  • Most costumes require some level of accessories or crystals to be affixed to the costumes. These are provided at additional charge - not only for material costs, but for fixing them to the costume. If you would like to take care of the crystal or accessory purchase and fix them yourself, that's fine - we will accomodate that in the costume pricing. Just let us know at the time of placing the order.

We hope you see that these terms are fair to all parties. Clearly we want to be able to serve you and all of our customers for years to come, so we treat these policies as important yet fair to all concerned.


We believe you will appreciate this in your projects, so give Huzhu a shot at your next project. You won't regret it.

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