Dance costumes from Arizona’sPremier Sewing Designer

Dance Costumes

We know dance. A great costume can make all the difference

Our approach to Dance Costumes let's you have the edge in your performance.

The physical and mental challenges handed to dancers are extreme. And often months or years of constant practice can come down to a 2-3 minute performance. Sometimes these performances can make or break a dancer's career. Judges apply high value to quality costumes and a dancer that really looks the part, wins the awards.

Dance costume design is our speciality. We've been custom designing and making dance costumes for over 10 years, and have worked with studios large and small. We consistently won National awards for our creations.

We understand that its not only having a 'certain something' in the dance costume design that makes a difference, but working with a costume designer who understands the challenges of what a dancer has to go through, deadlines, working with dance troupes, choreographers and studio requirements.

Detail counts as does quality workmanship and great fabrics. We focus on all of these parts to ensure that the costume that bears our name is the absolute best we can do within the client's budget. After all, that very costume may win us an award to.

So if you are sick of ordering costumes from a catalog, or working with someone who just doesn't seem to have your best interests at heart, you need to talk to Huzhu.

Of if you are a studio looking to find a new resource for your costume needs, look no further. We've worked with large and small studios, and we understand budgets, time constraints and working with your clients so that you'll love the entire partnership approach we bring to the table.

If you are having a hard time getting started with some ideas, take a look through our GALLERY to see examples of our work.

CONTACT US at anytime. We'd love to talk and there's no obligation to discuss your upcoming project. Let's win at your next performance together.