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About Us

Its pronounced 'Hoooz Hooo' by the way...

Here's a bit of information about Huzhu, who we are, where we've come from, etc .

Huzhu is owned and operated by Sandra Wakeham, who founded Huzhu back in the mid 1990s. Sandy, who originates from Australia, moved to the United States in 2000 and has been creating award winning sewing creations in the USA ever since.

Sandy's work with sewing started when she was a teenager, and she's perfected her art ever since. Sandy is a true 'crafts-person' when it comes to sewing, but this is her career - this isn't something she simply does as a hobby. Its her work, her career and her passion.

Nothing makes Sandy happier than to see the end result of hard toil and thought that goes into her designs, and since the client base that she works with are typically in the performing arts fields, you'll probably run into Sandy at major performances, competitions, etc. where she wants to see just how well her creations are doing 'in the real world'. Her attention to detail, her passion and her never ending quest to improve on her creative designs is demonstrated in the end result.

If you have ever worked with Sandy you'll know she is not only one of the nicest people to deal with, but she really does care about your success. Its a breath of fresh air to have someone that dedicated to the shared success of her creations, and not some 'sweat shop' produced garment with no interest on how it will be used.

In a world dictated by low priced, imported products, there are not that many true artists left. Yet despite this, Sandy strives to continue the long history of design and to continue the long traditions of art in her work.

We believe you will appreciate this in your projects, so give Huzhu a shot at your next project. You won't regret it.

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